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Question 1: This Motor-Truck Hasn't Any Springs, ________ monthly, February 1919, page 59, Scanned by Google Books:
Outdoor LifePopular ScienceScience IllustratedTransworld Skateboarding

Question 2: Applied to a structure such as a building or ________ it may be part of a seismic retrofit or as part of new, earthquake resistant construction.
Arch bridgeCable-stayed bridgeBridgeTruss bridge

Question 3: Dry friction as used in wheel ________, by using disks (classically made of leather) at the pivot of a lever, with friction forced by springs.
BrakeVehicle brakeAutomobileDrum brake

Question 4: A shock absorber in common parlance (or damper in technical use) is a mechanical device designed to smooth out or damp shock impulse, and dissipate ________.
Classical mechanicsMass–energy equivalenceKinetic energySpecial relativity

Question 5: In ________, the hydraulic fluid will heat up, while in air cylinders, the hot air is usually exhausted to the atmosphere.
Hydraulic fluidHydraulic manifoldHydraulic machineryHydraulic cylinder

Question 6: ________ dampers are dashpots that are constructed out of a large magnet inside of a non-magnetic, electrically conductive tube.
Electromotive forceEddy currentMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetism

Question 7: In ________ landing gear air dashpots may be combined with hydraulic damping to reduce bounce.
Double-deck aircraftBusiness jetWide-body aircraftAircraft

Question 8: Composite ________ devices which combine in a single device spring action, shock absorption, and often also ride-height control, as in some models of the Citroën automobile.
Citroën DSCitroën CXHydropneumatic suspensionCitroën Traction Avant

Question 9: In other types of dashpots, such as ________ ones, the dissipated energy can be stored and used later.
Maxwell's equationsClassical electromagnetismElectromagnetismMagnetic field

Question 10: Another variation is the Magneto rheological damper which changes its fluid characteristics through an ________.
Magnetic fieldInductorElectromagnetTransformer


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