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Shiva (Judaism): Quiz


Question 1: This practice is based on two verses from the ________.
PsalmsBooks of KingsBook of DanielBook of Isaiah

Question 2: It is considered a great ________ (literally "commandment" but more often meaning "good deed") of kindness and compassion to pay a home visit to the mourners.
Jewish holidayMitzvahTzitzitUpsherin

Question 3: But if the deceased relative is a parent, the recitation of ________ and yearlong restrictions are in effect.
MitzvahUpsherinKaddishJewish holiday

Question 4: In the ________, where most Yom Tovim are observed for two days, mourning does not take place on the second day, but the day is still counted as one of the days of shiva.

Question 5: During shiva, a ________ (usually a quorum of ten or more men; sometimes women are included) traditionally gather at the shiva home for services.

Question 6: Sometimes, a minyan with a ________ will take place at the mourner's house.
Torah readingJewish servicesJewish holidayPassover

Question 7: Torah study is forbidden, except for the laws of shiva, the Book of Lamentations, and the ________
Song of SongsBook of EzekielPsalmsBook of Job

Question 8: Also, on ________ during the week of shiva, no mourning takes place, but Shabbat is counted as one of the seven days.
PassoverJewish holidayHebrew calendarShabbat

Question 9: If the first day of a Yom Tov (which includes Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, ________, and Shavuot) occurs during shiva, the shiva ends, regardless of the number of days that have already been observed.
Jewish holidayShabbatThe Nine DaysPassover

Question 10: ________ is recited during the services; the mourner, if eligible, may recite kaddish.
MitzvahUpsherinKaddishJewish holiday


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