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Shire: Quiz


Question 1: In 1634, eight "shires" were created in the ________ by order of Charles I, King of England.
History of VirginiaColony of VirginiaHampton RoadsWilliamsburg, Virginia

Question 2: Bedlingtonshire, Craikshire, Norhamshire and Islandshire were exclaves of County Durham, which were incorporated into Northumberland or ________ in 1844.
North YorkshireWest YorkshireYorkshire and the HumberYorkshire

Question 3: In contrast, ________ uses district and region for its rural LGA units, while Tasmania uses municipality.
Western AustraliaNorthern TerritoryVictoria (Australia)South Australia

Question 4: A shire is a traditional division found in the United Kingdom, Ireland and in ________.

Question 5: Charles River Shire (now ________)
York County, VirginiaJames City County, VirginiaHampton RoadsWilliamsburg, Virginia

Question 6: The word shire may be related to shore (see ________ (Caernerfonshire) which means "Corner of the Shore").
CaernarfonshireMonmouthshire (historic)WalesBrecknockshire

Question 7: While these were basically renamed Dutch core settlements, they were quickly converted to English purposes, while the Dutch remained within the colony, as opposed to later practice of the ________.
Expulsion of the AcadiansHistory of the AcadiansFort BeauséjourNew France

Question 8: In Wales, the counties of Merioneth and ________ are occasionally referred to with the "shire" suffix.
Merthyr TydfilSwanseaCardiffGlamorgan

Question 9: The first shires which the Anglo thought were cities still exist in central and southern ________.
United KingdomEnglandWalesScotland

Question 10: Similarly, Argyllshire, Buteshire, ________ and Fifeshire are sometimes found.
CaithnessOrkneySutherlandNairn (boundaries)


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