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Question 1: They often come from countries where the average industrial wage is still very low, such as the Philippines or ________.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis WingIndiaLok Sabha

Question 2: On LPG and ________ tankers however, a cargo engineer works with the deck department during cargo operations, as well as being a watchkeeping engineer.
Liquefied natural gasHeliumNatural gasGasoline

Question 3: For a port to efficiently send and receive cargo, it requires some ________.
InfrastructureRoadCanalCivil engineering

Question 4: In the United States Merchant Marine, in order to be occupied as a chief steward a person has to have a Merchant Mariner's Document issued by the ________.
United States armed forcesUnited States Coast GuardUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States Navy

Question 5: Marine Engineering staff also deal with the "Hotel" facilities on board, notably the sewage, lighting, ________ and water systems.
Air conditionerHVACAir conditioningEvaporative cooler

Question 6: Ships do exist that fall outside these categories, such as ________ or OHGC.
Semi-submersibleFloating Production Storage and OffloadingBulk carrierCrane vessel

Question 7: Ship transport is watercraft carrying people (passengers) or goods (________).
Intermodal freight transportIntermodal containerContainerizationCargo

Question 8: ________
List of statistically superlative countriesList of countries by traffic-related death rateList of countries by road network sizeList of merchant marine capacity by country

Question 9: Animal-powered
AirshipAviationPowered hang gliderFighter aircraft

Question 10: In shallow draft areas, such as the ________, some craft, such as the hovercraft, are propelled by large pusher-prop fans.
Everglades National ParkSt. Johns RiverLake TalquinEverglades


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