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Ship model: Quiz


Question 1: The development of ________ and improvements in machine tools enabled significant advances in ship modelling from 1900 onwards.
IronworksWrought ironTinningZinc

Question 2: In larger scales (1/192 and larger), ________ is often used for hull shells.
FiberglassOptical fiberPlasticAsbestos

Question 3: The Port Revel Shiphandling Training Centre is a French maritime pilotage school specializing in training for pilots, masters, and officers on large ships like supertankers, ________, LNG carriers and cruise ships .
Container shipContainerizationIntermodal freight transportBulk carrier

Question 4: [27] The speed of production for tinplate vessels enabled one 1909 manufacturer to produce ship models of speedboats that had competed that year in ________.
MonacoSpainVatican CityAndorra

Question 5: Those who have trained on both claim that scale models are complementary to ________.
Differential equationPhysicsComputer simulationSocial sciences

Question 6: ________ would construct models to show prospective customers how the full size ship would appear and to illustrate advanced building techniques.
ShipbuildingSong DynastyAncient EgyptHan Dynasty

Question 7: During the ________ French and English seamen who were taken prisoner were confined, sometimes for many years, and in their boredom sought relief by building ship models from scraps of wood and bone.
Napoleonic WarsGrande ArméeNapoleon IFirst French Empire

Question 8: The Centre was originally created in 1967 near ________ by Laboratoire Dauphinois d'Hydraulique.
VaujanyVoironGrenobleVienne, Isère

Question 9: Ship models or model ships are ________ of ships.
Rail transport modellingModel carModel aircraftScale model

Question 10: Ship modeling is a craft as old as ________ itself, stretching back to ancient times when water transport was first developed.
Song DynastyAncient EgyptShipbuildingHan Dynasty


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