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Question 1: Occasionally (especially on more modern ships) the bell will also carry the name of the ________ that built the ship.
ShipyardLondonUnited KingdomUnited States

Question 2: Christening information from the bells held by the ________ Base Esquimalt Museum has been entered into a searchable data archive that is accessible to any interested web site visitors.
Canadian ForcesLand Force Central AreaCadet Instructors CadreLand Force Western Area

Question 3: A ship's bell is a prized possession when a ship is broken up,[2] and often provides the only positive means of identification in the case of a ________.
Wreck divingScuttlingShipwreckNaval mine

Question 4: Unlike civil ________ bells, the strikes of the bell do not accord to the number of the hour.
TimeWater clockMarine chronometerClock

Question 5: Strikes of a ship's bell are used to indicate the hour aboard a ________ and thereby to regulate the sailors' duty watches.
FeluccaFishing vesselShipHerring Buss


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