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Question 1: The capital is moved again to Heijō-kyō, or Nara, in AD 710 by ________ due to the death of the Emperor.
Emperor TemmuEmpress GenshōEmperor MommuEmpress Gemmei

Question 2: The word Shinto ("Way of the Gods") was adopted from the written Chinese (神道),[1] combining two ________: "shin" (?), meaning gods or spirits (originally from the Chinese word shen); and "" (?
Radical 51KanjiRadical 102Radical 213

Question 3: Spirited Away, ________, InuYasha, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Hell Girl, Kamichu!, and Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens).

Question 4: On 1 January 1946, Emperor Shōwa issued the Ningen-sengen, in which he quoted the Five Charter Oath of ________ and declared that he was not an akitsumikami.
AkihitoEmperor MeijiEmperor TaishōEmperor Kōmei

Question 5: The word "kagura" is thought to be a contracted form of kami no kura or "seat of the kami" or the "site where the kami is received."[9] There is a ________ tale of how kagura dance came into existence.
Myth and ritualMythologyGreek mythologyReligion and mythology

Question 6: ), or "do" meaning a philosophical path or study (originally from the Chinese word ________).
BuddhismTaoismTaoEast Asian religions

Question 7: However, the attempt did set the stage for the arrival of state Shinto, following the ________ (c.1868), when Shinto and Buddhism were separated (shinbutsu bunri).
Edo periodBakumatsuMeiji RestorationMeiji period

Question 8: Three Palace Sanctuaries, Kōkyo Imperial Palace, ________
TokyoMinato, TokyoGreater Tokyo AreaBeijing

Question 9: Often the vocal accompaniment is overshadowed by the drumming and instruments, reinforcing that the vocal aspect of the music is more for incantation rather than ________.
AestheticsApplied aestheticsDavid HumeArthur Schopenhauer

Question 10: This use of Shinto gave Japanese patriotism a special tint of ________ and cultural introversion, which became more pronounced as time went on.

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