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Shingon Buddhism: Quiz


Question 1: Esoteric Buddhism is also practiced, in the Japanese Tendai School (天台宗), founded at around the same time as the Shingon School in the early 9th century (________).
Asuka periodNara periodKamakura periodHeian period

Question 2: Exoteric teachings are preached by the Nirmanakaya Buddha, also known as ________, or one of the Sambhoghakaya Buddhas.
Buddhism and HinduismAshoka the GreatGautama BuddhaBuddhism

Question 3: Shingon Buddhism (眞言, 真言 "true words") is a major school of ________.
Korean BuddhismBuddhism in ChinaBuddhism in JapanBuddhism in Central Asia

Question 4: Kegon) school that all phenomena could be expressed as 'letters' in a '________-text'.
Ancient historyWorldModern historyPrehistory

Question 5: As with all schools of ________, great emphasis is placed on the empowerment and oral transmission of teachings from teacher to student.
VajrayanaTibetan BuddhismSamayaLineage (Buddhism)

Question 6: An ancient Indian Sanskrit syllabary script known as ________ (Jap.
DevanagariSiddhaṃ scriptBrāhmī scriptGupta script

Question 7: These two mystical teachings are shown in the main two ________ of Shingon, namely, the Womb Realm (Taizokai) mandala and the Diamond Realm (Kongo Kai) mandala.

Question 8: A core meditative practice of Shingon is ajikan (阿字觀), "Meditating on the Letter 'A'", which uses the ________ letter representing that sound as a.
DevanagariSiddhaṃ scriptGupta scriptBrāhmī script

Question 9: Although portrayed through the use of anthropomorphic metaphors, Shingon does not see the ________ Buddha as a god, or creator.

Question 10: Also, Shingon's emphasis on ritual found support in the Kyoto nobility, particularly the ________.
Heian periodFujiwara clanSamuraiGenpei War


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