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Shinagawa, Tokyo: Quiz


Question 1: Most of Tokyo east of the Imperial Palace is ________.
Hong KongMexico CityJapanLand reclamation

Question 2: The ________ maintained the Suzugamori execution grounds in Shinagawa.
Tokugawa shogunateTokugawa YoshinobuBakumatsuEdo period

Question 3: ________ operates two special colleges in Shinagawa:
Nerima, TokyoHachiōji, TokyoTokyo Metropolitan Government Board of EducationAdachi, Tokyo

Question 4: Cult members, including Ikuo Hayashi, injected Kariya with ________ in order to discover the location of the man's sister (a former Aum member), but Kariya unexpectedly died.
HexobarbitalMethohexitalSodium thiopentalPropofol

Question 5: ________ operates the Gotenyama Technology Center and the Osaki East Technology Center in Shinagawa.

Question 6: ________: Nishi-Ōi Station
Shōnan-Shinjuku LineSōbu Line (Rapid)Yokosuka LineTōkaidō Main Line

Question 7: Shinagawa (品川区 Shinagawa-ku?) is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, ________.
CanadaCambodiaJapanUnited Kingdom

Question 8: The Tōkaidō Shinkansen began serving ________ from 2003, and the nearby Shinagawa Intercity office complex will be served by a new subway station in a few years' time.
Shinagawa StationKeikyū Main LineŌmiya Station (Saitama)Yokohama Station

Question 9: A large portion of reclamation happened during the ________.
Edo periodTokugawa YoshinobuTokugawa shogunateBakumatsu

Question 10: Both Ebara Ward and Shinagawa Ward had been created in 1932, with the outward expansion of the municipal boundaries of the ________ following the 1923 Great Kantō Earthquake.
YūrakuchōTokyo CityJapanMayor

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