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Shikantaza: Quiz


Question 1: Shikantaza (只管打坐?) is a Japanese term for zazen introduced by Rujing and associated most with the ________ of Zen Buddhism, but which also is "the base of all Zen disciplines."[1].
Pure Land BuddhismDōgenSōtōŌbaku

Question 2: Additionally, the practice of silent illumination is said to be traced back to at least ________.
Pure Land BuddhismXuanzangBodhidharmaGuan Yin

Question 3: [11][9] Silent illumination comes from the integrated practice of ________ (calming the mind) and vipashyana (insightful contemplation) called yuganaddha (union), and was the hallmark of the Chinese Caodong school of Ch'an.
VipassanāBuddhist meditationSamathaBuddhism

Question 4: According to Master ________, "While you are practicing just sitting, be clear about everything going on in your mind.
John CrookDongchuSheng-yenHsing Yun

Question 5: Maezumi, Hakuyu Taizan; ________ (2002).
Joan HalifaxSeung SahnShunryu SuzukiTetsugen Bernard Glassman


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