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Question 1: One immediate consequence was the signing in 1964 of a Mutual Defense Treaty between ________'s administration and the government of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.
Kwame NkrumahMuammar al-GaddafiI. T. A. Wallace-JohnsonJomo Kenyatta

Question 2: A 'prohibited zone' was created along the Somali border, and the ________ was made mandatory for unauthorized possession of firearms.
StoningCapital punishmentReligion and capital punishmentTorture

Question 3: [11] However, the treaty had little effect as the Kenyan army was not able to stem the cross-border flow of materiel from Somalia to the ________.
Military historyWarAncient warfareGuerrilla warfare

Question 4: But after a 1969 coup in Somalia, the new military leader ________, abolished this MoU as he claimed it was corrupt and unsatisfactory.
Gamal Abdel NasserMobutu Sese SekoSiad BarreMuammar al-Gaddafi

Question 5: The war and violent clampdowns by the Kenyan government caused large-scale disruption to the way of life in the district, resulting in a slight shift from pastoralist and ________ lifestyles to sedentary, urban lifestyles.

Question 6: The Kenyan fear that the insurgency might escalate into an all-out war with phalanxes of well-equipped Somali troops was coupled with a concern about the new insurgent tactic of planting ________.
Land mineBunkerTrench warfareCluster bomb

Question 7: and the last incident, which we are keeping quiet about, when a police ________ was blown up by a mine which killed two officers and wrecked the vehicle is a very serious development.
MG Rover GroupMiniBritish LeylandLand Rover

Question 8: In 1967, Zambian President ________ mediated peace talks between Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Egal and Kenyatta.
Kenneth KaundaGamal Abdel NasserRobert MugabeThabo Mbeki

Question 9: There, they eked out a bare subsistence, hanging around the petrol stations for odd jobs, hawking for miraa, making illicit alcohol, engaging in ________ and the like.
Sex and the lawProstitutionProstitution by countrySexual ethics

Question 10: However, Somalia did not renounce its claim to ________.
Greater SomaliaSomali peopleDervish StateAdal Sultanate

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