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Shibboleth: Quiz


Question 1: info)) means "Butter, rye bread and green cheese, who cannot say that is not a genuine Frisian" was used by the Frisian ________ during a Frisian rebellion war (1515-1523).
Pier Gerlofs DoniaNetherlandsFrieslandAmsterdam

Question 2: ________ might have been familiar with the Biblical story and directly inspired by it, or might have independently invented the same method under similar circumstances.
JesusCatholic ChurchChristianChristianity

Question 3: ________ prove particularly effective.
MTVNovelty songOne-hit wonderDisco

Question 4: Shibboleths can also be customs or practices, such as ________, or a signifier, such as a semiotic.
Circumcision and HIVPenisReligious male circumcisionCircumcision

Question 5: For example, during the ________, American soldiers used knowledge of baseball to determine if others were fellow Americans or if they were German infiltrators in American uniform.
Battle of the BulgeWestern Front (World War II)Invasion of NormandyOperation Market Garden


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