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Shia Islam: Quiz


Question 1: Imamis Shia believe that Imams are the spiritual and political successors to ________.

Question 2: Ja'fari jurisprudence or Ja'fari ________ is the name of the jurisprudence of the Twelver Muslims, derived from the name of Ja'far al-Sadiq, the 6th Shia Imam.
IslamMuslim worldShariaFiqh

Question 3: According to the theology of Twelvers, the successor of ________ is an infallible human individual who not only rules over the community with justice, but also is able to keep and interpret the Divine Law and its esoteric meaning.

Question 4: Muslims who practice tawassul point to the Qur'an, ________'s holy book, as the origin of the practice.
IslamIslamic schools and branchesMuslim historyMosque

Question 5: In addition, most of them have accepted ________ (hence falling under the Twelver category), but attribute some God-like attribution to them.
Imamah (Shi'a doctrine)Imamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)The Twelve ImamsThe Fourteen Infallibles

Question 6: The Remembrance of Muharram and ________ (عاشوراء) for Shia commemorates Imam Husayn ibn Ali's martyrdom.
Shia IslamBattle of KarbalaDay of AshuraMourning of Muharram

Question 7: Imam Al-Khoei Foundation (________)
TwelverImamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)The Fourteen InfalliblesShia Islam

Question 8: One group included the violent Qarmatians, who had a stronghold in ________.
QatarSaudi ArabiaBahrainUnited Arab Emirates

Question 9: Regardless of the dispute about the caliphate, Twelvers recognize the religious authority of the ________, also called Khalīfah Ilāhi.
The Fourteen InfalliblesThe Twelve ImamsImamah (Shi'a doctrine)Imamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)

Question 10: Twelver groups that do not follow Ja'fari jurisprudence include the Alawi, Alevi, Bektashi, and ________.
Ahl-e HaqqKurdish peopleAliZoroastrianism

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