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Shi'ar: Quiz


Question 1: Hologram technology: which is used by the X-Men in their ________.
Bishop (comics)Danger RoomSentinel (comics)Emma Frost

Question 2: The X-Men once again team up with their space allies, the ________, to stop both Vulcan and the plot to return rulership of the empire to D'Ken.
Shi'arWolverine (comics)StarjammersHavok (comics)

Question 3: In the ________ the Shi'ar Empire was almost decimated by the Brood.
Age of ApocalypseX-MenDecimation (comics)House of M

Question 4: X-Men writer ________ compared the Shi'ar to Star Trek's Romulans, saying they are "smart, aggressive, and mean".
Eisner AwardEd BrubakerVertigo (DC Comics)Harvey Award

Question 5: ________ capable starships
Quantum mechanicsFaster-than-lightGeneral relativityTime travel

Question 6: ________ the Watcher, acting as his lawyer and with the help of Odin and Galactus himself, convinced the gathered tribunal that Galactus is a necessary force of betterment of the universe, not a villain.
Jack KirbySilver SurferUatuStan Lee

Question 7: In the 1980s, Lilandra and D'Ken's unstable exiled elder sibling, ________, made several attempts to overthrow her sister from power.
Ms. MarvelDeathbirdShi'arBrood (comics)

Question 8: Internally, they have light hollow bones, and on their forearms there are still some vestigial feathers left of wings that were lost over millions of years of ________.
Natural selectionEvolutionIntroduction to evolutionPopulation genetics

Question 9: Professor Xavier's evil twin sister, ________, single-handedly destroys a good portion of the Shi'ar Empire.
X-MenCassandra NovaEmma FrostCyclops (comics)

Question 10: In Last Planet Standing, a limited series set in the alternate timeline known as MC2, the Shi'ar homeworld is destroyed by ________.
GalactusSilver SurferSkrullStan Lee

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