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Question 1: It can be run on both PowerPC and x86 systems; however, it runs more slowly on an x86 system than on a ________ system, due to instruction conversion.
PowerPCPowerPC G4PowerPC 7xxPower Architecture

Question 2: The name is a play on ShapeShifter, a Macintosh II emulator for ________ (made obsolete by Basilisk II), which is in turn not to be confused with a third-party preference pane for Mac OS X with the same name.
Amiga 1200AmigaOSAmiga 4000Commodore International

Question 3: SheepShaver is an open source PowerPC ________ emulator originally designed for BeOS and Linux.
Power Macintosh G3Macintosh hardwareMacintoshPowerBook

Question 4: SheepShaver was originally commercial software when first released in 1998, but after the demise of Be Inc., the maker of ________, it became open source in 2002.
Mac OSHaiku (operating system)BeOSBeOS R5.1d0

Question 5: Ports to the ________ PowerPC and Intel versions have also been released.
Mac OS XMac OS X ServerSafari (web browser)QuickTime


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