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Sheena, Queen of the Jungle: Quiz


Question 1: A version of Sheena, transplanted from ________ to South America, appeared in London Night Studio's Sheena, Queen of the Jungle one-shot comic book and subsequent four-issue miniseries (Feb.
AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaScramble for AfricaAfrican Union

Question 2: Eisner said an inspiration for the character's name was ________'s 1886 jungle-goddess novel She[1]
Robert Louis StevensonAllan QuatermainBaroness Emma OrczyHenry Rider Haggard

Question 3: A 1984 ________ film, Sheena, produced by Paul Aratow starred Tanya Roberts, who had previously co-starred as Kiri in MGM's 1982 movie Beastmaster.
Sony Pictures EntertainmentScreen GemsColumbia PicturesSony Pictures Television

Question 4: Model ________ portrayed Sheena in a 26-episode TV series aired in first-run syndication from 1955-56.
Irish McCallaOmaha, NebraskaChris DrakeMalibu, California

Question 5: ________ published a comic-book adaptation of the Sheena movie as Marvel Comics Super Special #34 (June 1984), reprinting it as Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #1-2 (Dec.
Marvel AnimationMarvel ComicsMarvel EntertainmentMarvel Studios

Question 6: Galaxy Publishing, Inc., circa 1999, launched an ________ Sheena series on the Web.
Animated cartoonStop motionTraditional animationAnimation

Question 7: Sheena was revived by TV syndicator Hearst Entertainment in October 2000, portrayed by Gena Lee Nolin, formerly of The Price Is Right and ________.
Caroline HoldenBaywatchJ. D. DariusNeely Capshaw

Question 8: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle is a fictional, ________ jungle girl heroine, published originally by Fiction House.
SuperheroDC ComicsAmerican comic bookGraphic novel

Question 9: She was the first female comic-book character with her own title, with her 1937 (in Great Britain, 1938 in the United States) premiere beating ________ #1 (December 1941).
Flash (Barry Allen)Wonder WomanThemysciraSuperman

Question 10: Sheena, herself a distaff ________, inspired a wealth of similar comic-book jungle queens.
Korak (character)TarzanJane Porter (Tarzan)Tarzan (book series)

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