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Sheela na Gig: Quiz


Question 1:
Sheela na Gig, Dome and Altar are all:
Ornaments Irish art Church architecture Folklore

Question 2:
Sheela na Gig, Chirality (chemistry) and Symmetry are all:
Church architecture Symmetry Romanesque art Irish art

Question 3: The Sheela na Gig of St Brides Church, Bridelow in the English ________, features prominently as a plot device in Phil Rickman's novel The Man in the Moss.
Peak DistrictEnglandBuxtonDerbyshire

Question 4: They point to what they claim are differences in materials and styles of some Sheelas from their surrounding structures, and that some are turned on their side, to support the idea that they were incorporated from previous structures into ________ buildings.
Biblical canonCrusadesEast–West SchismEarly Christianity

Question 5: A guide to Sheela na Gig carvings and Sheela na Gigs in the ________
EnglandUnited KingdomWalesCanada

Question 6: The town of Sheila na Gigh is featured in ________'s book The Book of Ultimate Truths.
Robert RankinHugo RuneThe Brentford TrilogyThe Brightonomicon

Question 7: Sheela na Gigs (or Sheela-na-Gigs) are figurative carvings of naked women displaying an exaggerated ________.
VulvaReproductive systemOvaryUterus

Question 8:
Sheela na Gig, Folk music and Fairy tale are all:
Romanesque art Folklore Memes Irish art

Question 9:
Sheela na Gig, Chain letter and Peer-to-peer (meme) are all:
Symmetry Memes Folklore Irish art

Question 10: ________ has written a poem entitled "Sheela na Gig."
Joseph BrodskyJ. R. R. TolkienSeamus HeaneyAllen Ginsberg

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