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Question 1: 12:21) none of the basic practices of shechita are described in this place, or anywhere else in ________ (Five books of Moses).

Question 2: Instead, they have been handed down in Judaism's traditional ________, and codified in halakha in various sources, most notably the Shulchan Aruch.
KabbalahOral TorahIslam and JudaismKashrut

Question 3: The ________ forbids shechita munachat (slaughter of the animal while it is lying on its back), on animal welfare grounds.
WalesEnglandUnited KingdomCanada

Question 4:
Shechita, Israel and Krav Maga are all:
Jewish religious occupations Kashrut Traditional meat processing Hebrew words and phrases

Question 5: The new knife was controversial and was one of four reasons listed in the Brody Cherem for the excommunication of the ________[citation needed].
Ger (Hasidic dynasty)Hasidic JudaismSkver (Hasidic dynasty)Chabad

Question 6:
Shechita, Kashrut and Kosher animals are all:
Kashrut Traditional meat processing Jewish religious occupations Hebrew words and phrases

Question 7: in the Middle East) based on Quranic permissibility of food from people of the book, not all Muslim communities accept those hindquarters as ________ (e.g.

Question 8:
Shechita, Kohen and Yeshiva are all:
Kashrut Traditional meat processing Hebrew words and phrases Jewish religious occupations

Question 9: ________ (Muslim method of ritual slaughter)
ShariaTayammumDhabihahIslamic dietary laws

Question 10: The ________, fearing that Sabbateans were scratching the knives in a way not detectable by normal people, introduced the Hasidische Hallaf.
Baal Shem TovKabbalahHolocaust theologyHalakha

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