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Shear stress: Quiz


Question 1: Any real fluid (________ and gases included) moving along solid boundary will incur a shear stress on that boundary.
Supercritical fluidColloidPhase transitionLiquid

Question 2: Shear stresses within a ________ structure may be calculated by idealizing the cross-section of the structure into a set of stringers (carrying only axial loads) and webs (carrying only shear flows).
Body-on-frameGlobal Positioning SystemMonocoqueAutomobile

Question 3: If a sensor could directly measure the gradient of the velocity profile at the wall, then multiplying by the ________ would yield the shear stress.
ViscosityRheologySurface tensionFluid dynamics

Question 4: In case of ________, the shear stress at the boundary is called wind stress.
ThunderstormMeteorologyWindPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 5: The region between these two points is aptly named the ________.
Navier–Stokes equationsDrag (physics)Fluid mechanicsBoundary layer

Question 6: Also constructions in soil can fail due to shear; e.g., the weight of an earth-filled ________ or dike may cause the subsoil to collapse, like a small landslide.
Water turbineHydropowerDamHydroelectricity

Question 7: However for Non Newtonian fluids, this is no longer the case as for these fluids the ________ is not constant.
ViscosityFluid dynamicsSurface tensionRheology

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