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She-Hulk: Quiz


Question 1: She once displayed sufficient knowledge of ________ to render the Abomination insensate by striking several nerve clusters after first using psychology to distract him.
Tui naAcupuncture pointAcupunctureAcupressure

Question 2: In Incredible Hulk #600, Jennifer tasks ________ to discover the identity of Rulk.
Enforcers (comics)Ben UrichKingpin (comics)Mysterio

Question 3: Non-superhero characters, like Millie the Model, have had longer runs in the past while newer characters, like ________, have had longer runs after She-Hulk.
Ben ReillyNormie OsbornBenjamin Richard ParkerSpider-Girl

Question 4:

Question 5: Repeated exposure to the presence of her teammate ________, who has the innate ability to absorb radiation that is around him, leads to She-Hulk being unable to control her changes, which resulted in the Vision in half.
Jack KirbyAvengers (comics)Stan LeeJack of Hearts

Question 6: She wore a ragged white dress or blouse (the dress ripping and tearing as Walters turned into her giant ________).
Mariah CareyBeavis and Butt-headAlter egoJay-Z

Question 7:
What was She-Hulk allied to?

Question 8: At the first anniversary of the character, She-Hulk made a guest appearance in ________ # 50 (January 1981).
Spider-Man (film series)Spider-ManSpidey Super StoriesSpider-Ham

Question 9:

Question 10: In her first appearance, She-Hulk was a massive, towering figure, with wild, untamed, waist-length ________.
HairHuman skinAbdominal hairBreast

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