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Question 1: He explains the multiple-personality-afflicted Robert Dunn's condition to Gus by referencing The Flying Nun, which starred ________, who played the similarly-affected title character in Sybil.
Sally FieldAcademy Award for Best ActressMeryl StreepJane Fonda

Question 2: Detective Lucinda Barry noted that had he applied himself in his youth he could've been running ________[8].
IBMIntel CorporationHewlett-PackardGeneral Electric

Question 3:
Shawn Spencer, Dick Grayson and Robin (comics) are all:
Use mdy dates from August 2010 Fictional detectives Fictional characters from California Psych characters

Question 4:
Shawn Spencer, 90210 (TV series) and Sheldon Cooper are all:
Use mdy dates from August 2010 Fictional detectives Psych characters Fictional characters from California

Question 5: His parents separated in 1992, and later ________; his mother, Madeleine (a psychologist), eventually returned and explained that she left to pursue a job opportunity.
Divorce (United States)DivorceWifeMarriage

Question 6: "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Marzipan"); his use of other people's ________ in his psychic "visions" (i.e.
Property lawPropertyLawIntellectual property

Question 7:
Shawn Spencer, Juliet O'Hara and Burton Guster are all:
Fictional detectives Fictional characters from California Use mdy dates from August 2010 Psych characters

Question 8: [1] His father, Henry Spencer, schooled Shawn in detective work from as early as age 7, aiding the development of his extraordinary powers of ________ and deduction.
ObservationScientific methodPseudoscienceDeterminism

Question 9: Desperate to avoid ________ time, Shawn lies, explaining that he obtained the information in a psychic vision.
Capital punishmentUnited KingdomPrisonUnited States

Question 10: Shawn Spencer is a fictional character on the American television dramedy ________ played by American actor James Roday.
PsychPsych (season 4)Psych (season 2)Psych (season 3)


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