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Shawn Michaels: Quiz


Question 1: Slammy Award for Squared Circle Shocker (1996) Won for collapsing; ________ accepts the award for making Michaels collapse
Bret HartOwen HartShawn MichaelsDavey Boy Smith

Question 2: [27] This triggered a split between Michaels and Diesel, a storyline that was drawn out until ________ that November.
Survivor Series (1993)SummerSlam (1994)Survivor Series (1994)Survivor Series (1992)

Question 3:
When was Shawn Michaels born?

Question 4: Hickenbottom is a fan of the ________.
San Antonio SpursAT&T CenterAlamodome2009‚Äď10 San Antonio Spurs season

Question 5:
What role did Shawn Michaels play in the telemovie The Wild Wild West?
Orkney Cadwallader
Sean O'Reilley
Convict Painter
Governor Winston E. Brubaker

Question 6:
When did Shawn Michaels make his debut?
November, 1984

Question 7:
How is Shawn Michaels described?
career officer with the U.S. Army through three wars
Chilean footballer
Professional wrestler

Question 8: [1] He also appeared on a ________ (TBN) program along with fellow professional wrestler Sting.
Home Shopping NetworkPrime Time Entertainment NetworkTrinity Broadcasting NetworkEternal Word Television Network

Question 9:
  • The song "Sexy Boy" was originally written for Michaels by ________.
    Jeff JarrettHulk HoganJimmy HartRic Flair

Question 10: [121] The week before their scheduled match at ________, after Michaels won a match against Edge, Orton interfered, punting Michaels in the head.
One Night Stand (2007)WWE Judgment DayJudgment Day (2007)Judgment Day (2008)

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