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Question 1: He also appeared in Transformers: Energon Promotional Comic #3 where he was taken out by ________.
The Transformers (TV series)Soundwave (Transformers)Shockwave (Transformers)Omega Supreme

Question 2: The name Sharkticon was given to an individual ________ in the Transformers: Energon toyline in 2004.
Soundwave (Transformers)The Transformers (TV series)DecepticonShockwave (Transformers)

Question 3: In the future, Megatron had retaken command of the Decepticons, and sent Snow Cat, Slugslinger and Sharkticon each on missions to steal copies of the plans for ________ from the Autobot's Ocean City.
Omega SupremeShockwave (Transformers)Soundwave (Transformers)The Transformers (TV series)

Question 4: The ravenous Sharkticons, the most famous and deadly of the ________ slaves, are rotund robots capable of transforming into ferocious amphibious creature modes.
UnicronQuintessonsOptimus Prime (Transformers)The Transformers (TV series)

Question 5: The Sharkticons were voiced by Jim Cummings and ________.
Tress MacNeilleNancy CartwrightFrank WelkerMaurice LaMarche

Question 6: However, one of their lunches was interrupted by Hot Rod, Kup and the ________.
Ravage (Transformers)Transformers: UniverseDinobotsSoundwave (Transformers)

Question 7: A Sharkticon toy was released under the name Gnaw that same year, nominally categorized as a ________.
Soundwave (Transformers)DecepticonShockwave (Transformers)The Transformers (TV series)

Question 8: He was one of the ________ under Mirage's command who had been sent to retrieve Kicker.
PredaconsGalvatronThe Transformers (TV series)Terrorcons

Question 9: While Mirage and ________ were sent to distract Kicker's protectors - the Omnicons - Sharkticon was to kidnap the human.
ScorponokTransformers: UniverseHeadmaster (Transformers)Slugslinger

Question 10: He turned into a shark-shaped submarine with a color scheme similar to the Robots in Disguise ________, Sky-Byte.
Megatron (Beast Era)Soundwave (Transformers)Predacon (Transformers)BotCon


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