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Sharing: Quiz


Question 1: Sharing is a key feature in the developing field of ________ and open source software, with implications for economics.
Free softwareOpen-source softwareLinuxProprietary software

Question 2: This has resulted in protection laws(like ________ provisions such as denying owners the right to perform or display the work publicly) to curb sharing.
Copyright on typefacesPublic domainCopyrightIntellectual property

Question 3: This is leading to a need to review licensing, patents and copyright, and to controversy in these areas, as well as new approaches like ________ and the GPL.
Open-source softwareCreative Commons licensesCopyleftCreative Commons

Question 4: Sharing figures prominently in gift economies, but also can play a significant role in market economies, for example in ________.
CarsharingTramBicycle sharing systemTrolleybus

Question 5: Sharing disjoints the connection between usage and ________ of a product.
Property lawPropertyReal estateOwnership


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