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Shan: Quiz


Question 1: It is spoken in Shan State, some parts of Kachin State, some parts of Sagaing Division in Myanmar, parts of Yunnan, and in parts of northwestern Thailand, including Mae Hong Son Province and ________ {p.
Ang Thong ProvinceChiang Rai ProvinceTak ProvinceChiang Mai Province

Question 2: General ________'s coup d'├ętat overthrew the democratically elected government in 1962, and abolished Shan saopha system.
BurmaSaw MaungThan ShweNe Win

Question 3: After World War II, the Shan and other ethnic minority leaders negotiated with the majority ________ leadership at the Panglong Conference, and agreed to gain independence from Britain as part of Union of Myanmar.
Mon peopleKaren peopleBamarJingpo

Question 4: The capital of Shan State is ________, a small city of about 150,000 people.

Question 5: There, they are not given ________ status, and often work as undocumented labourers.

Question 6: [3] The Shan script is an adaptation of the Mon script via the ________.
Sinhala scriptMalayalam scriptBurmese scriptGujarati script

Question 7: Burmese king ________ conquered all of the Shan states in 1557.

Question 8: The Shan have been engaged in an intermittent civil war within ________ for decades.

Question 9: The Tai-Shan people are believed to have migrated from Yunnan in ________.
ChinaReligion in ChinaProvince (China)Time in China

Question 10: His Royal Highness Prince Hso Khan Fa (sometimes written as Surkhanfa in Thai) of Yawnghwe lives in exile in ________.
CanadaBarbadosUnited KingdomUnited States

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