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Shale oil extraction: Quiz


Question 1: [55] Electro-Petroleum proposes electrically enhanced oil recovery by the passage of direct current between cathodes in producing wells and ________ located either at the surface or at depth in other wells.
Rechargeable batteryGalvanic cellBattery (electricity)Anode

Question 2: Critics of shale oil extraction pose questions about environmental management issues, such as waste disposal, extensive water use and waste water management, and ________.
SmogRoadway air dispersion modelingAir pollutionParticulate

Question 3: Though the process lost ground in the mid-________, following the discovery of crude oil, shale oil extraction has regained attention as a potential substitute for crude oil since 2003.
20th century21st century19th century20th century events

Question 4: The Independent Energy Partners' Geothermic Fuels Cells Process (IEP GFC) extracts shale oil by exploiting a high-temperature stack of ________.
Flow batteryFuel cellZinc-air batteryLead-acid battery

Question 5: The first modified in situ oil shale experiment in the United States was conducted by ________ in 1972 at Logan Wash, Colorado.
United States Environmental Protection AgencyOklahomaOccidental PetroleumKansas

Question 6: These processes are ________, since much of the carbon within the shale is burnt, and can achieve 80-90% of Fischer assay yield.
Heat engineCogenerationThermal efficiencyInternal combustion engine

Question 7: These include ________, sulfur, aromatic compounds, pitch, asphalt, and waxes.

Question 8: As of 2009, shale oil extraction is being undertaken in Estonia, ________, and China.
MozambiquePortugalBrazilEast Timor

Question 9: Temperatures below 600 °C (1,110 °F) are preferable, preventing the decomposition of lime stone and dolomite in the rock and thereby limiting ________ emissions and energy consumption.
Carbon dioxideCarbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon sink

Question 10: Industry analysts have created several classifications of the methods by which ________ are extracted from oil shale.


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