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Shale gas in the United States: Quiz


Question 1: Although the ________ Haynesville Shale of northwest Louisiana has produced gas since 1905, it has been the focus of modern shale gas activity only since a gas discovery drilled by Cubic Energy in November 2007.
DinosaurJurassicGeologic time scaleCretaceous

Question 2: [32] The largest gas producer from the Woodford is Newfield Exploration; other operators include Devon Energy, ________, Cimarex Energy, Antero Resources, St.
Chesapeake EnergyLove's Travel Stops & Country StoresOklahoma Gas & ElectricPlains Exploration & Production

Question 3: The wells are in ________, in the southeast part of the Paradox basin.
Mancos, ColoradoDolores County, ColoradoCortez, ColoradoMontezuma County, Colorado

Question 4: The Mississippian Fayetteville Shale produces gas in the ________ part of the Arkoma Basin.
ArkansasAlabamaGeorgia (U.S. state)Missouri

Question 5: The Antrim Shale of Upper ________ age produces along a belt across the northern part of the Michigan Basin.
DevonianLate Devonian extinctionGeologic time scaleCarboniferous

Question 6: The first commercial gas well drillied in the US, in 1821 in Fredonia, New York, was a shale gas well producing from the ________ Fredonia Shale.
CarboniferousLate Devonian extinctionDevonianGeologic time scale

Question 7: Wells are currently being drilled to produce gas from the ________ Conasauga shale in northern Alabama.
DevonianCambrianCambrian explosionGeologic time scale

Question 8: In October 2009, the Canadian company Gastem, which has been drilling gas wells into the ________ Utica Shale in Quebec, drilled the first of its three state-permitted Utica Shale wells in New York.
Geologic time scaleCarboniferousSilurianOrdovician

Question 9: ________ in the United States is rapidly increasing as a source of natural gas.
Marcellus FormationHorn River FormationShale gasBarnett Shale

Question 10: The Devonian-Mississippian New Albany Shale produces gas in the southeast Illinois Basin in ________, Indiana, and Kentucky.


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