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Shale gas: Quiz


Question 1: Eurenergy Resource Corporation has announced plans to drill for shale gas in southern ________'s Weald Basin.
United KingdomWalesScotlandEngland

Question 2: The great economic success of the ________ play in Texas in particular has spurred the search for other sources of shale gas across the United States and Canada.
Barnett ShaleMarcellus FormationHorn River FormationDallas – Fort Worth Metroplex

Question 3: To date, all successful shale gas wells have been in rocks of Paleozoic and ________ age.
Geologic time scaleMesozoicCretaceousDinosaur

Question 4: Beach Petroleum Limited has announced plans to drill for shale gas in the Cooper Basin, ________.
Victoria (Australia)Northern TerritorySouth AustraliaWestern Australia

Question 5: Russian giant ________ announced in October 2009 that it may buy a US shale-gas producing company to gain expertise which it could then apply to Russian shale gas prospects.
AvtoVAZLukoilGazprom NeftGazprom

Question 6: Shale gas tends to cost more to produce than gas from conventional wells, because of the expense of massive ________ treatments required to produce shale gas, and of horizontal drilling.
Hydraulic fracturingMarcellus FormationDirectional drillingMeasurement while drilling

Question 7: Although shale gas has been produced for more than 100 years in the ________ and the Illinois Basin of the United States, the wells were often economically marginal.
Appalachian MountainsRocky MountainsGreat PlainsVirginia

Question 8: ________ has a number of prospective shale gas targets in various stages of exploration and exploitation in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.
CanadaUnited KingdomUnited StatesBarbados

Question 9: Potential host formations for shale gas in Europe include shales in northeast France,[23] the Alum Shale in northern Europe, and ________ shales in Germany and the Netherlands.
DevonianOrdovicianCarboniferousGeologic time scale

Question 10: ________ is often used with shale gas wells, with lateral lengths up to 10,000 feet within the shale, to create maximum borehole surface area in contact with the shale.
Oil wellDirectional drillingMeasurement while drillingGeosteering


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