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Question 1: Lee was responsible for the World Shakuhachi Festival being held in Sydney, Australia over 5–8 July 2008, based at the ________[2][3]
Maroubra, New South WalesHyde Park, SydneySydney Opera HouseSydney Conservatorium of Music

Question 2: With the ________, beginning in 1868, the shogunate was abolished and so was the Fuke sect, in order to help identify and eliminate the shogun's holdouts.
Edo periodMeiji RestorationMeiji periodBakumatsu

Question 3: Shakuhachi are often used in modern film scores, particularly ones by ________.
James HornerAn American Tail: Fievel Goes WestAmblin EntertainmentBack to the Future Part III

Question 4: It is traditionally made of ________, but versions now exist in ABS and hardwoods.

Question 5: Since most pitches can be achieved via several different fingering or blowing techniques on the shakuhachi, the ________ of each possibility is taken into account when composing or playing.
OperaColoraturaChest voiceTimbre

Question 6: When the ________ did permit the playing of shakuhachi again, it was only as an accompanying instrument to the koto, shamisen, etc.
Boshin WarJapanGovernment of Meiji JapanMeiji period

Question 7: The shakuhachi (尺八 (しゃくはち)?, pronounced [ɕakɯhatɕi]) is a Japanese end-blown ________.
FlutePiccoloAlto fluteWestern concert flute

Question 8: Its soulful sound made it popular in Western 1980s ________.
Pop musicBoy bandMexican pop musicPower pop

Question 9: The different octaves are produced using subtle variations of breath and ________.
ClarinetOboeCor anglais (English horn)Embouchure

Question 10: Shakuhachi are usually made from the root end of a ________ culm and are extremely versatile instruments.

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