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Shaki: Quiz


Question 1: The area was fully annexed by Russia by the ________ in 1813 and the khanate was abolished in 1819 and in its place the Shaki province was established.
Russo-Persian War (1804–1813)Treaty of GulistanAzerbaijanFat′h-Ali Shah Qajar

Question 2: Shaki's possesses a small silk industry and relies on its agricultural sector, which produces tobacco, grapes, ________, nuts, cereals and milk.
Water BuffaloWild boarCattleDeer

Question 3: The original settlement dates back to the late ________.
Bronze AgeBronze Age BritainDeverel-Rimbury cultureAncient Near East

Question 4: According to the Azerbaijan Development Gateway, the name of the town goes back to the ethnonym of the ________, who reached the territory of modern day Azerbaijan in the 7th century B.C.
ArachosiaAria (satrapy)MedesSaka

Question 5: During the ________ period, many ascended to Shaki to bathe in its numerous mineral springs.
RussiaSoviet UnionJoseph StalinEast Germany

Question 6: Shaki (Azerbaijani: Şəki; until 1968 Nukha, Azerbaijani: Nuxa; also, Nucha, Noukha, Shäki, and Sheki) is a city in North-west ________, in the rayon of the same name.

Question 7: Shaki is situated in northern ________ on the southern part of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, 325 km (200 miles) from Baku.

Question 8: She was also managed by ________, Atabegs of Azerbaijan and Khwarezmid Empire before Mongol invasion.
History of AzerbaijanHistory of Georgia (country)History of AbkhaziaHistory of Armenia

Question 9: After the collapse of the Hulakis in the first half of the 14th century, Shaki gained independence immediately after the states of ________ and the Orlat dynasty came into power.
Kara KoyunluAk KoyunluAzerbaijan Soviet Socialist RepublicShirvanshah

Question 10: The Sakas were an Turkic people that wandered from the north side of the Black Sea through Derbend passage and to the South Caucasus and from there to ________ in the 7th century B.C.
AnatoliaTurkish peopleIstanbulTurkey

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