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Shaken baby syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: [7] Additional effects of SBS are ________, oxygen deprivation and swelling of the brain,[7] which can raise intracranial pressure and damage delicate brain tissue.
ConcussionTraumatic brain injuryCerebral contusionDiffuse axonal injury

Question 2: Fractures of the ________, long bones, and ribs may also be associated with SBS.
Vertebral columnVertebraCervical vertebraeLumbar vertebrae

Question 3: Some authors have suggested that certain cases of suspected shaken baby syndrome may result from ________ deficiency.
Vitamin C megadosageFolic acidVitamin CVitamin B12

Question 4: Prevention is similar to the prevention of ________ in general.
Domestic violenceElder abuseChild abuseAdultery

Question 5: In July 2005, the Court of Appeals in the ________ heard four appeals of SBS convictions: one case was dropped, the sentence was reduced for one, and two convictions were upheld.
United KingdomCanadaWalesEngland

Question 6: [6] Nonfatal consequences of SBS include varying degrees of visual impairment (including ________), motor impairment (e.g.
BlindnessMyopiaAmblyopiaAmaurosis fugax

Question 7: Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is a form of ________ that occurs when an abuser violently shakes an infant or small child, creating a whiplash-type motion that causes acceleration-deceleration injuries.
AdulteryElder abuseDomestic violenceChild abuse

Question 8: [7] The characteristic injuries associated with SBS include retinal hemorrhages, multiple fractures of the long bones, and ________ (bleeding in the brain).
Cardiac tamponadeMyocardial infarctionHemopericardiumSubdural hematoma

Question 9: ________ - was famously convicted of killing Matthew Eappen in 1997 by shaking him.
BostonLouise Woodward caseEnglandUnited States

Question 10: ________ - An application pulled by Apple that allowed the user to shake their phone until an image of a cartoon baby on the screen died.
Safari (web browser)YouTubeApple TVApp Store

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