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Shag Harbour UFO incident: Quiz


Question 1:
Shag Harbour UFO incident, White Lady (ghost) and Doppelgänger are all:
Paranormal Shelburne County, Nova Scotia UFO sightings Mysteries

Question 2: Multiple witnesses reported hearing a whistling sound "like a ________," then a "whoosh," and finally a loud bang.
Nuclear technologyBombAmmunitionCeramic engineering

Question 3: Written in the top right hand corner was the name of the head of the Royal Canadian Air Force Air Desk in ________, then the clearinghouse for all civilian and military UFO reports in Canada.
Hamilton, OntarioOntarioTorontoOttawa

Question 4: The event is sometimes compared to the Roswell UFO incident and ________, two other events alleged to be military crash-recoveries of UFOs.
UfologyUnidentified flying objectKecksburg UFO incidentProject Blue Book

Question 5: ________ UFO study, which offered no explanation.
Condon CommitteeExtraterrestrial hypothesisUnidentified flying objectUfology

Question 6: Don Ledger, Chris Styles, ________, Dark Object: The World's Only Government-Documented UFO Crash, 2001, Dell Publishing, ISBN 0-440-23647-9
WardayCommunion (1989 film)The Wild (novel)Whitley Strieber

Question 7:
Shag Harbour UFO incident, Rendlesham Forest incident and Cando event are all:
Shelburne County, Nova Scotia UFO crashes Paranormal UFO sightings

Question 8: Attaining a better vantage point, Wickens and his friends saw an object floating 250 to 300 ________ out to sea.
10 megametresMetre100 megametres1 decametre

Question 9:
Shag Harbour UFO incident, Vela Incident and Unidentified flying object are all:
Mysteries UFO sightings Paranormal Shelburne County, Nova Scotia

Question 10: At that time, the object only had a yellow ________ shining from its top side.

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