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Question 1: ________ allows general-purpose computations on the GPU.
Instruction level parallelismGPGPUVector processorSIMD

Question 2: The purpose is to transform each vertex's 3D position in virtual space to the 2D coordinate at which it appears on the screen (as well as a depth value for the ________).
Graphics processing unitComputer graphics3D computer graphicsZ-buffering

Question 3: The ________ and OpenGL graphic libraries use three types of shaders.
Windows Display Driver ModelDesktop Window ManagerDirectXMicrosoft Direct3D

Question 4: For example, nVidia's ________ programming language.
Physics processing unitGPGPUSIMDCUDA

Question 5: In the field of ________, a shader is a set of software instructions, which is used primarily to calculate rendering effects on graphics hardware with a high degree of flexibility.
Scientific visualizationComputer graphics2D computer graphicsVisualization (computer graphics)

Question 6: In the Microsoft ________ API (Direct3D 9 and newer), shaders are programmed with High Level Shader Language, or HLSL.
Windows Display Driver ModelDirectXDesktop Window ManagerMicrosoft Direct3D

Question 7: The output of the vertex shader goes to the next stage in the pipeline, which is either a geometry shader if present or the ________ otherwise.
Rendering (computer graphics)Shadow mappingVector graphicsRasterisation

Question 8: ________: Pipeline Stages (Direct3D 10)
Microsoft Visual StudioMicrosoft Developer NetworkWindows Mobile.NET Framework


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