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Question 1: The three speculate that the story is an ________.
Urban legendMythologyMircea EliadeCharacter (arts)

Question 2: In a short flashback, that third member, Vernon (Townsend), a card mechanic, is working as a Las Vegas ________ dealer.
Card countingEdward O. ThorpBlackjackStanford Wong

Question 3: There they encounter The Professor (________), Vernon's former mentor before Charlie lured him into a life on the grift.
Michael MoriartyJason RobardsPaul ScofieldHal Holbrook

Question 4: Later at a ________ club, Charlie and Tiffany meet up with Larry Jennings (Foxx) as he's taking down an underground poker game.
Long Beach, CaliforniaLos AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaGlendale, California

Question 5: After he's bound, Tiffany lets in a surgical team to harvest his kidney for ________ transplant.
Anarchist economicsPlantation economyUnderground economyMixed economy

Question 6: Trivia: Throughout the film, many allusions are made to the ________.
Vietnam WarUnited States Playing Card CompanyHarley-DavidsonOhio

Question 7: One by one, Vernon and the Dean bust the other players until they're heads up and they decide to play ________ for the rest of the game.
Community card pokerFive-card studStud pokerPoker

Question 8: The film follows a trio of grifters who attempt to set up a legendary ________ nicknamed "The Dean." The film is a complex web of interwoven and branching scenes and flashbacks.
Bottom dealingCheersPlaying cardCard sharp

Question 9: Many years ago, a young Dean is playing in a mob-run illegal underground ________ game.
Betting (poker)Doyle BrunsonPokerTexas hold 'em

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