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Shabda: Quiz


Question 1: The first context of the term is to refer to a hymn or paragraph or sections of the Holy Text that appears in ________.
Dasven Padshah Da GranthSikhismGuru Granth SahibSikh

Question 2: Bhartrihari on the other hand held a shabda-advaita position, identifying shabda as indivisible, unifying cognition and linguistic performance, ultimately identical with ________.
Āstika and nāstikaMysticismBrahmanMonotheism

Question 3: "Naad", "Akash Bani", and "Sruti" in the ________
Sanskrit literatureVedasIndian epic poetryRigveda

Question 4: "Naam", "Akhand Kirtan" and "Sacha ('True') Shabd" by ________
SikhismGuru Granth SahibDasven Padshah Da GranthSikh

Question 5: Shabad is the term also used to refer to hymns within other Sikh scriptures, such as the ________ of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
Dasven Padshah Da GranthGuru Granth SahibDeh Siva Var MoheZafarnamah

Question 6: According to ________, sphoṭa ("meaning") is not identical with shabda, but rather its permanent aspect, while dhvani "sound, acoustics" is its ephemereal aspect.

Question 7: His concept of shabda-brahman identifying linguistic performance and creation itself has parallels in the Greek concept of ________.
Christian apologeticsDemiurgeLogosTrinity

Question 8: Adherents believe that a Satguru, or ________, who is a human being, has merged with the Shabd in such a manner that he or she is a living manifestation of it at its highest level (the “Word made flesh”).
PlatoAstral planeSoulECK master

Question 9: Om, or ________, a sacred syllable of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism is considered to be the first resonating vibrational sound within an individual being.
MantraBuddhism and HinduismAumSanskrit

Question 10: "Logos", "Word" and "________" in the New Testament
JesusHoly SpiritApostle (Christian)Gospel


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