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Seymour Papert: Quiz


Question 1: Interview from 11 July 2004, on the ________ network
ABC Radio and Regional ContentABC TelevisionAustralian Broadcasting CorporationTelevision in Australia

Question 2: Video Interview with Seymour Papert from the ________
ACM SIGACTSpecial Interest GroupWomen in computingAssociation for Computing Machinery

Question 3: Here, he was the developer of an original and highly influential theory on learning called constructionism, built upon the work of Jean Piaget in ________.
HolismConstructivism (learning theory)John DeweyActive learning

Question 4: [6] Papert has been called by ________ "the greatest living mathematics educator."[7]
Artificial intelligenceMarvin MinskyAlan TuringChinese room

Question 5: He is one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, as well as an inventor of the ________.
Etoys (programming language)StarLogoLogo (programming language)Educational programming language

Question 6: He created Logo as a ________ to improve the way that children think and solve the problems.

Question 7: A small robot called the "________" was developed and children used it to solve problems.
StarLogoEducational programming languageLogo (programming language)Programming language

Question 8: Papert has also collaborated with ________ on their Logo-programmable Lego Mindstorms robotics kits.
Lego GroupLego Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyLegoLego timeline

Question 9: Seymour Papert (born February 29, 1928 in ________) is an MIT mathematician, computer scientist, and educator.
CairoCape TownPretoriaBloemfontein

Question 10: A main purpose of the Logo Foundation research group is to strengthen the ability to learn ________.


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