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Sexuality in Star Trek: Quiz


Question 1: In as much as sexuality can lead to ________, some plots have revolved around the possibility of children in a given inter-species relationship, as well as the prejudice that the resulting children have to endure from their parents' societies.
ReproductionLifeCell (biology)Animal

Question 2: In "Terra Prime", a cloned child of ________ and T'Pol was used by a xenophobic political group as an example of the "dangers" of inter-species breeding.
Malcolm ReedCharles Tucker IIIJonathan ArcherEnterprise (NX-01)

Question 3: Deep Space Nine also used ________ to introduce situational homosexuality for comic relief.
Cross-dressingDrag kingTransgenderDrag (clothing)

Question 4: There had been a number of interethnic kisses on American TV before this, most notably the two leads of the long-running American sitcom I Love Lucy[4] (white and ________).
Latin AmericaHispanic and Latino AmericansSpainHispanic

Question 5: The episode "Stigma" (2003) revealed that the Vulcan named T'Pol (played by ________) had become infected with a disease from a forced mind meld.
Star Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: EnterpriseJolene BlalockLost (TV series)

Question 6: ________
List of Gaylactic Spectrum Award winners and nominees for best novelList of Lambda Literary Awards winners and nominees for science fiction, fantasy and horrorList of LGBT-themed speculative fictionGaylactic Spectrum Awards

Question 7: Sexuality in Star Trek refers to the wide range of sexual practices seen in the ________ franchise.
Star Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar TrekStar Trek: The Original Series

Question 8: Sexual relationships have generally been depicted as ________ in nature.
BisexualityHomosexualitySexual orientationHeterosexuality

Question 9: Other stars of the franchise chimed in, with ________ (who played Spock) offering his support in a 1991 letter to the Los Angeles Times:
Leonard NimoyStar Trek (film)Vulcan (Star Trek)William Shatner

Question 10: The "neutral" gender of which the cogenitor is a part produces an ________ necessary for males and females to reproduce.
Cofactor (biochemistry)ProteinEnzymeEnzyme inhibitor

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