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Sexual violence: Quiz


Question 1: Data on sexual violence typically come from police, clinical settings, ________ and survey research.
Foundation (non-profit)Non-profit organizationNon-governmental organizationCharitable trust

Question 2: ________ or cohabitation, including the marriage of children;
AfghanistanForced marriageHuman rightsSlavery

Question 3: Sexual violence includes rape, defined by some as physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration of the vulva or anus, using a ________, other body parts or an object.
BreastReproductive systemRectumPenis

Question 4: Apart from physical force, it may involve ________, blackmail or other threats – for instance, the threat of physical harm, of being dismissed from a job or of not obtaining a job that is sought.
Workplace bullyingPsychological manipulationBullyingRelational aggression

Question 5: forced ________ and trafficking of people for the purpose of sexual exploitation.
Sex and the lawProstitutionProstitution by countrySexual ethics

Question 6: The relationship between these sources and the global magnitude of the problem of sexual violence maybe viewed as corresponding to an ________ floating in water (see diagram).
IcebergCanadaAtlantic OceanAntarctica

Question 7: violent acts against sexual integrity, including ________ and obligatory inspections for virginity;
ICD-9-CM Volume 3Female genital cuttingGenital modification and mutilationLoop electrical excision procedure

Question 8: unwanted sexual advances or ________, including demanding sex in return for favors;
Sexual ethicsProstitutionSexual abuseSexual harassment

Question 9: systematic "________" during armed conflict;
Command responsibilityHuman rightsSexual slaveryWar rape

Question 10: There is considerable overlap between forms of sexual violence and ________.
BullyingChild abuseDomestic violenceElder abuse

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