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Question 1: However, sexual promiscuity is commonly accepted, and a minority have open relationships or practice ________.
MarriagePolyamoryRomance (love)Human sexual behavior

Question 2: ________: having a sexual relationship outside of a relationship that includes a commitment to have no other sexual partners

Question 3: ________: having multiple long-term male sexual partners

Question 4: ________: having casual sexual partners at will (compare with chastity)
ProstitutionPromiscuityBDSMSexual intercourse

Question 5: ________: a socially binding commitment to a partner
MarriageRomance (love)FamilyPolyamory

Question 6: ________: encompasses a wide range of relationships, including those above: polyamorous relationships may include both committed and casual relationships
MarriageHuman sexual behaviorPolyamoryRomance (love)

Question 7: Note that it is possible to have a sexual partner without having an ________ or even an acquaintanceship with that person; viz., casual sex or sex with a prostitute.
LoveIntimate relationshipRomance (love)Interpersonal relationship

Question 8: ________: having a series of monogamous relationships, one after the other

Question 9: ________: the state prior to having a sexual partner; a small minority of people remain virgins throughout life
GoddessVirginityUnited KingdomGreece

Question 10: ________: having a single long-term sexual partner

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