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Question 1: There are various techniques available for the analyzing process, including talk therapy, ________ and play therapy.
Carl JungSigmund FreudEgo psychologyDream interpretation

Question 2: For example, in 2002 ________ stated that the region processing sensory input from the feet lies immediately next to the region processing sexual stimulation.
PsychiatryNeurologyOliver SacksVilayanur S. Ramachandran

Question 3: with ________[8], there is not yet any medicament that tackles fetishism itself.
TopiramateGabapentinValproic acidPregabalin

Question 4: Most of the material on fetishism is in reference to ________ men, with most of the objects fetishized being highly feminine items such as lingerie, hosiery, and heels.
HomosexualitySexual orientationHeterosexualityBisexuality

Question 5: There are two possible treatments for fetishism: ________ and psychoanalysis, though treatment is not usually necessary.
Cognitive behavioral therapyBehaviour therapyPsychotherapyCognitive therapy

Question 6: If a fetish causes significant psychosocial distress for the person or has detrimental effects on important areas of their life, it is diagnosable as a paraphilia in the DSM and the ________.
Medical classificationDiagnosis codesClinical coderInternational Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems

Question 7: Various pharmaceutical drugs are available that inhibit the production of sex steroids, especially male testosterone and female ________.

Question 8: Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism, is the ________ brought on by any object, situation or body part not conventionally viewed as being sexual in nature.
ClitorisOrgasmSexual arousalPenis

Question 9: By cutting down the level of sex steroids, ________ is diminished.
Carl JungDefence mechanismPsyche (psychology)Libido

Question 10: [citation needed] For instance, the Austrian neurologist and logotherapist ________ once noted the case of a man with a sexual fetish involving, simultaneously, both frogs and glue.
Action T4Viktor FranklSigmund FreudAlfred Adler

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