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Sexual Harassment Panda: Quiz


Question 1: Mr. Garrison's class is visited by a friendly educational mascot, the Sexual Harassment Panda, who attempts to teach the kids about ________ so as to prevent it in school.
Sexual harassmentSexual abuseProstitutionSexual ethics

Question 2: "Sexual Harassment Panda" is the 37th episode of ________'s animated series South Park.
Comedy CentralMTVMTV2Nickelodeon (TV channel)

Question 3: Meanwhile, Gerald is litigating the biggest sexual harassment lawsuit ever, Everyone v. Everyone, where he represents everyone who hires him to take on everyone else (flagrantly disregarding ________ in the process).
Index of sociology articlesCriminologyRationalization (sociology)Conflict of interest

Question 4: Kyle's dad quickly becomes the target of many people's wrath, while he continues to renovate their house into a ________ with his newly-gained assets.

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