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Sextus Julius Africanus: Quiz


Question 1: He went on an embassy to the emperor ________ to ask for the restoration of Emmaus, which had fallen into ruins.
Septimius SeverusCaracallaElagabalusAlexander Severus

Question 2: This method of reckoning led to several Creation eras being used in the Greek Eastern ________, which all placed Creation within one decade of 5500 BC.
Mediterranean SeaPacific OceanAtlantic OceanIndian Ocean

Question 3: He is important chiefly because of his influence on ________, on all the later writers of Church history among the Fathers, and on the whole Greek school of chroniclers.
Eusebius of CaesareaEarly ChristianityTimeline of ChristianityDevelopment of the New Testament canon

Question 4: He may have served under ________ against the Osrhoenians in 195.
Septimius SeverusElagabalusHadrianAugustus

Question 5: One tradition places him under the Emperor Gordianus III (238–244), others mentions him under ________ (222–235).
CaracallaSeptimius SeverusAlexander SeverusElagabalus

Question 6: His terse and pertinent letter to Origen impugning the authority of the part of the ________ that tells the story of Susanna, and Origen's wordy and uncritical answer, are both extant.
2 EsdrasBook of EstherBook of RevelationBook of Daniel

Question 7: Sextus Julius Africanus was a ________ traveller and historian of the late 2nd and early 3rd century AD.
JesusChristianityChristianCatholic Church


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