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Question 1: Sexual dichotomies exist in language, though it is disputed whether certain language causes sexism, sexism causes certain language (see the ________) or that they are both caused by something else.
LinguisticsGeneral semanticsNoam ChomskyLinguistic relativity

Question 2: The ________ movement has campaigned against sexism against transsexuals.
HomosexualityGayThird genderLGBT

Question 3: The assumption of baby delivery roles by doctors and subsequent decline of ________ is sometimes claimed to be an example.
ChildbirthCertified Nurse MidwifeHome birthMidwifery

Question 4: ________ hold the view that pornography contributes to sexism, arguing that in pornographic performances for male spectators, actresses are reduced to mere receptacles—objects—for sexual use and abuse by men.
Radical feminismSecond-wave feminismFeminismFeminist theory

Question 5: Wing, children were read Bill’s New Frock by ________.
Guardian AwardMichael MorpurgoAnne FineCarnegie Medal in Literature

Question 6:
Sexism, Racism and Terrorism are all:
Dispositional beliefs NPOV disputes from February 2010 Sexual and gender prejudices All pages needing cleanup

Question 7: Some countries, such as Norway and ________, have laws against sexual objectification in advertising.

Question 8: Certain forms of sexual ________ are illegal in many countries, but nearly all countries have laws that give special rights, privileges, or responsibilities to people of a particular sex.
DiscriminationRacial segregationRacismAgeism

Question 9: It is argued that ________ is a form of sexism.
FeminismSexual objectificationPornographySex-positive feminism

Question 10:
Sexism, Misogyny and Homophobia are all:
All pages needing cleanup NPOV disputes from February 2010 Dispositional beliefs Sexual and gender prejudices

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