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Question 1: Where a main sewerage system has not been provided, sewage may be collected from homes by pipes into ________ or cesspits, where it may be treated or collected in vehicles and taken for treatment or disposal.
WastewaterSeptic tankMound systemSewage treatment

Question 2: ________ is the process of removing the contaminants from sewage to produce liquid and solid (sludge) suitable for discharge to the environment or for reuse.
Anaerobic digestionSewage sludge treatmentIndustrial wastewater treatmentSewage treatment

Question 3: ________, also known as storm flow or overland flow, is that portion of precipitation that runs rapidly over the ground surface to a defined channel.
Surface runoffMarine pollutionEutrophicationWater pollution

Question 4: Also known as ________ flows, sewage is the used water supply of the community.
Water qualityWater pollutionWastewaterFreshwater environmental quality parameters

Question 5: Their flows and strengths are usually more varied, intense, and concentrated than those of ________ sewage.
Health care systemHuman nutritionSanitary sewerSanitation

Question 6: Depending on their origin, wastewater can be classed as sanitary, commercial, industrial,agricultural or ________.
Marine pollutionEutrophicationSurface runoffWater pollution

Question 7: ________
Water supply and sanitation in GermanyWater qualityWastewaterWater supply and sanitation in the European Union

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