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Question 1: Before the emergence of SARS-CoV, no efforts were put into the search for ________ against coronaviruses.
VaccineAntiviral drugATC code J05Antibiotic

Question 2: Even without a local epidemic, SARS caused economic damage to Chinatown’s economy that was already struggling from the nearby terrorist attacks of ________.
Osama bin LadenAl-QaedaSeptember 11 attacksUnited Airlines Flight 93

Question 3: Attempts were made to control further SARS infection through the use of ________.

Question 4: With the identification and sequencing of the ________ of the coronavirus responsible for SARS on 12 April 2003, several diagnostic test kits have been produced and are now being tested for their suitability for use.
RNASmall interfering RNAMessenger RNANon-coding RNA

Question 5: The development of infectious clones for coronaviruses has facilitated the identification of attenuating ________, deletions and recombinations which could ultimately result in live attenuated vaccine candidates.
MutationPopulation geneticsEvolutionSpeciation

Question 6: Importantly, while GPHIN's capability had recently been upgraded to enable ________, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish translation, the system was limited to English or French in presenting this information.
Arabic languageEgyptian ArabicModern Standard ArabicAncient North Arabian

Question 7: However, SARS is not claimed to have been eradicated (unlike ________), as it may still be present in its natural host reservoirs (animal populations) and may potentially return into the human population in the future.

Question 8: V, Orthomyxoviridae: Influenzavirus A/B/C (Influenza/________)
Virus diseaseSevere acute respiratory syndromeInfluenza A virusAvian influenza

Question 9: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS; pronounced /ˈsɑrz/ sarz) is a respiratory disease in humans which is caused by the ________ (SARS-CoV).
InfluenzaAIDSSARS coronavirusInfluenza A virus

Question 10: Other laboratory tests suggest raised lactate dehydrogenase and slightly raised creatine kinase and ________ levels.
C-reactive proteinSerologyReference ranges for blood testsHaptoglobin


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