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Seventh chord: Quiz


Question 1: The diminished 7th chord is seen more frequently in late classical and romantic period works but is also found in ________ and Renaissance period works, though not as frequently.
RococoMannerismBaroqueWestern art history

Question 2: Major Seventh (formally "major/major seventh", also maj7, M7, Δ, ⑦): root, major third, ________, major seventh
Perfect fourthSemitonePerfect fifthMajor second

Question 3: Additionally, the general acceptance of ________ during the 1800s reduced the dissonance of some earlier forms of sevenths.
Equal temperamentJust intonationBohlen–Pierce scalePitch class

Question 4: Some reasons include: as a symbol of ________; modulation; and for characterisation.
Friedrich SchillerJohann Wolfgang von GoetheRomanticismSturm und Drang

Question 5: In ________, for example, there is the "harmonic seventh" (the 7:4 pitch ratio: slightly below minor seventh).
Just intonationEqual temperamentMusical temperamentConsonance and dissonance

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