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Question 1: Rengoku II: The Stairway to Heaven is based around eight levels of a tower, seven named after the sins, the eighth being ________.

Question 2: One means of such ingraining was the creation of the ________ "SALIGIA" based on the first letters in Latin of the seven deadly sins: superbia, avaritia, luxuria, invidia, gula, ira, acedia.
MnemonicEidetic memoryEmotion and memoryMemory

Question 3:
Seven deadly sins, Rani Lakshmibai and Revelstoke, British Columbia are all:
Christian hamartiology Sins All pages needing cleanup Cultural lists

Question 4: Modern artist Paul Cadmus painted a series of graphically disturbing, anthropomorphic depictions of the seven deadly sins, in the style of ________.
Comic bookComicsGraphic novelAmerican comic book

Question 5: Christopher Marlowe's (1564–1593) The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus shows Lucifer, ________, and Mephistophiles coming from hell to show Dr.
Abrahamic religionsBeelzebubElijahJesus

Question 6: In 1589, Peter Binsfeld paired each of the deadly sins with a ________, who tempted people by means of the associated sin.
DemonologyUnclean spiritChristian demonologyDemon

Question 7: ________ geography research associate Thomas Vought presented his study “The Spatial Distribution of the Seven Deadly Sins Within Nevada”.
Kansas State Wildcats footballBill Snyder Family Football StadiumKansas State UniversityKansas State Wildcats

Question 8: The modern concept of the Seven Deadly Sins is linked to the works of the 4th century ________ Evagrius Ponticus, who listed eight evil thoughts in Greek as follows:[4]
MonkMonasteryHouseholder (Buddhism)Nun

Question 9: ________'s (1265–1321) The Divine Comedy is a three-part work composed of "Inferno", "Purgatorio", and "Paradiso".
Catholic ChurchPeter AbelardDante AlighieriPope John Paul II

Question 10:
Seven deadly sins, Abortion and Racism are all:
Cultural lists Core issues in ethics Sins Christian hamartiology

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