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Seven (film): Quiz


Question 1:
When was Seven (film) released?
2008, Russia

Question 2:
Seven (film), Fight Club (film) and Seven (film) are all:
Films directed by David Fincher Independent films Serial killer films 1990s thriller films

Question 3:
Who of the following was a direct of Seven (film)?

Question 4:
Where does Seven (film) come from?
United States
Great Britain

Question 5:

Question 6:
Who did the music for Seven (film)?

Question 7:
Seven (film), Saw (film) and Seven (film) are all:
1990s crime films Police detective films 1990s thriller films Films directed by David Fincher

Question 8: ________ as Police Captain
R. Lee ErmeyJames L. JonesUnited States Marine CorpsFrancis Ford Coppola

Question 9:
Who of the following starred in Seven (film)?

Question 10: Seven was released on September 22, 1995 in 2,441 theaters where it grossed ________ $13.9 million on its opening weekend.
Federal Reserve SystemUnited StatesUnited States dollarHawaii

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