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Seven-segment display: Quiz


Question 1: For ________ price totems and other large signs, vane displays made up of electromagnetically flipped light-reflecting segments (or "vanes") are still commonly used.
Diesel fuelInternal combustion engineFilling stationGasoline

Question 2: An alternative to the 7-segment display in the 1950s through the 1970s was the cold-cathode, neon-lamp-like ________.
Organic LEDNixie tubeLiquid crystal displayLight-emitting diode

Question 3: Individually on or off, they can be combined to produce simplified representations of the ________.
Arabic languageAbjad numeralsArabic numeralsEastern Arabic numerals

Question 4: The animation to the left cycles through the common glyphs of the ten decimal numerals and the six ________ "letter digits" (A–F).
HexadecimalDuodecimalRoman numeralsHebrew numerals

Question 5: The segments of a 7-segment display are referred to by the letters A to G, as shown to the right, where the optional DP ________ (an "eighth segment") is used for the display of non-integer numbers.
United StatesCyprusAzerbaijanDecimal separator

Question 6: Starting in 1970, ________ sold a display device known as the Numitron that used incandescent filaments arranged into a seven-segment display.
RCANBCRCA RecordsDavid Sarnoff


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