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Question 1: in the United States), indentured labourers (such as in ________),[1] or convicts (such as in New York, 1674-1775; Australia 1788-1868).
Colonial history of the United StatesHistory of the United StatesWall StreetThirteen Colonies

Question 2: Settlers are generally people who take up residence on land and cultivate it, as opposed to ________.

Question 3: In the Middle East, Israeli settlers are ________ who live in areas captured during the Six-Day war and claimed by Palestinians and Syria.
Sephardi JewsJewsJewish ethnic divisionsAntisemitism

Question 4: However, both Israelis and Palestinians claim partial descent from peoples who lived in the region in prehistoric times (see: ________, Ancestry of the Palestinians).
History of ancient Israel and JudahKingdom of JudahKingdom of Israel (Samaria)Hasmonean

Question 5: the Pilgrims, ________ and Zionists), political oppression, and government incentive policies aimed at encouraging foreign settlement.
Joseph Smith, Jr.Brigham YoungMormonLatter Day Saint movement

Question 6: Settlers are sometimes termed "________" or "colonials" and -- in the United States -- "pioneers".
ColonyMunicipalityCityDependent territory

Question 7: Settlers in hypothetical societies, such as on other planets, often feature in science fiction or ________ fiction and/or video games.
Speculative fictionNovelFantasyFairy tale

Question 8: The word "settler" was not originally usually used in relation to ________ immigrants, such as slaves (e.g.
Penal labourSexual slaveryUnfree labourDebt bondage

Question 9: In ________, the government invited Russians or foreign nationals to settle in sparsely populated lands.
Russian EmpireOttoman EmpireGolden HordeBritish Empire

Question 10: See, e.g., articles Slavo-Serbia, Volga German, Volhynia, ________.
Russians in KazakhstanZhetysuTransport in KazakhstanRussian Turkestan

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